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Magic Mirror
Corporate Hire


A few companies that we have worked with.


Corporate hire for the Magic Mirror 

Having a Magic Mirror at your corporate event is a perfect addition and your customers will love it. We have worked with multiple corporate companies to achieve the visions and respect every company has an image they need to adhere to. We go above and beyond to make the Magic Mirror perfect for your event. With fully branded custom animations, full branded prints, skins and backdrops the mirror can make a real impact for your brand. The mirror can also capture clients email address which can be a valuable asset to contact people after an event. 

We also have a powerful QR code feature which can lead guests to a pre-selected website when guests scan their printed photos with their phone. This could be used for data capture or maybe something more fun like a competition for your brand.

Animated Gifs are also a great way of bringing photo sessions to life – after the Magic Mirror has taken multiple photos it can then automatically create an animated GIF in either a .gif or .mp4 format.

Organising corporate events can be stressful so we pride ourselves on our communication, 

clarity and time keeping, to give you the peace of mind and one less thing to think about.

As all corporate events are different, we provide custom tailored quotes.  Please send us a message and we get back to you the same day. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Corporate Magic Mirror Branding Options

Fully branded skins which wrap around mirror for 360 branding

Fully branded prints and animations

Custom branded frames

Green screen for background selection

Custom printed banner backdrop

Email branding 

Custom QR codes


Example of photo overlays 

We can create branded custom frames for the mirror

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