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Why it's time to go faux - Our friends at Ferris Heart Sloane

We were looking for a flower backdrop for one of our clients and after extensive research we decided to use our friends at Ferris Heart Sloane.

It was an easy decision for us. Not only do the quality of their flowers look very superior in photographs, which is very important for us, but their customer service and quick replies are important to make sure business runs smoothly.

Flower walls look fantastic with our Magic Mirror Hire and can be incorporated into all bookings with us.

Times are changing when it comes to artificial flowers. Gone are the days of poor quality posies that look instantly unreal as soon as you lay eyes on them. Now, the quality of artificial flowers is so high you wouldn't even know they're not real! Wonderstruck asked Ferris Heart Sloane some frequently asked questions to help people who want to try artificial flowers.

Where can I put my faux flowers at home?

Perfect for the home, faux flowers can easily be manoeuvred to stay in place and can be re-arranged effortlessly. You can get an artificial garland to decorate your mantelpiece or nursery, or you can get a pretty floral table settings to adorn your dining room table for everyday aesthetics. Don’t forget you don’t need to water your faux flowers and give them constant attention, which is one of the major benefits of going faux – plus they last forever! Another plus of giving faux flowers a chance is the fact that it doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, your favourite blooms will be available all year round, how great is that?!

Are faux flowers good for weddings?

Artificial flowers are great for weddings and at Ferris Heart Sloane, we pride ourselves on our quality blooms and expert flower arranging, with experience creating beautiful faux flower displays for weddings (think flower walls for photo booths, faux flowers for light up letters and more), we can also cater for smaller more intimate services - if you can imagine it, we can create it.

Can I use faux greenery to decorate outdoor spaces?

You sure can! There is a large variety of faux greenery you can use to elevate your outdoor space, from vine and wisteria to eucalyptus garlands and potted succulents, you can easily create an aesthetic you love without too much maintenance.

Want to find out more? Please contact Ferris Heart Sloane.


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