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Photo Booth or Magic Mirror

bride using magic mirror in hertfordshire

Custom Design

The Magic Mirror can be custom designed to suit any event. Red carpet or white carpet, flower frame or silver frame, the Magic Mirror can be dressed to fit the style of the event or occasion. The photo printout design can be custom made unlike the old traditional photo booths where it is normally a standard photo that is printed out.

Fun Features

Normal photo booths can be fun, but the Magic Mirror photo booth takes it up to a whole new level. With the Magic Mirror you can sign your photos, place emojis on them and you can really create a masterpiece! The extra ability to email or text your photo for instant social media upload is a fantastic way for your guests to share their memories at the event with everyone. You can even place games on the Magic Mirror if you wish!


The Magic mirror photo booth is great for space. If you are limited for space the booth can take up as little as 1.5 metre square. The Mirror is also wheelchair friendly. Most standard photo booths take up a lot of space and this can be quite inconvenient when clients are limited for space.

Quality of the photos

Some photo booths have very poor cameras and do not take the high resolution pictures that you would expect to see. The Magic Mirror uses a high resolution, DSLR camera and the quality of the printouts are excellent.


There are many types of traditional photo booth to hire but the Magic Mirror is on a completely different level. It is very unique and would make your event more special than using a normal booth. The software is updated multiple times of the year so it always has the latest features you could wish for. The latest feature from June 2018 allows you to position emojis where ever you want on the mirror and create some awesome photos! The Wonderstruck Magic Mirror can also provide non linear workflow. This means users of the mirror can have an even more unique experience from other people at the same event!!


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